We do it better together

Wheathill is a partnership that provides outstanding musical, magical, and theatrical entertainment to a diverse and exciting array of private and corporate events.

Rona and Heather, Wheathill founders, are toe-tapping, sax-playing, cat-herding siblings whose experience both in the industry and further afield sees them perfectly placed to drive the wonder that is Wheathill. However, our agency is more than the sum of its parts, and those parts include a dazzling, sparkling, magic-performing, bassline-dropping, client-charming, child-taming army of artists.

Of course, the talent doesn’t stop with the, ahem, talent. Wheathill’s splendid organisation and financial fecundity is all down to a much-appreciated office team who keep us booking, playing, gigging, billing, tweeting and smiling.

Rona Smith
Heather Hoyle