We do merriment mixology

Our musicians are versatile and adept at wearing different musical hats. And that means you get a whole load more sparkle for your money. So instead of presenting a shopping list of artists and bands, we do something we like to call merriment mixology. It’s a bit like making an amazing cocktail, but with talented people who’ll make your party pop or your event buzz.

The process is fast, easy and dare we say it, fun…

Wheathill mixology step 1

We’ll ask you a little bit about you (or your clients) and what you’d like to achieve from your event.

Wheathill mixology step 2

We’ll also ask about your venue (we can help with that if you’re aren’t sorted yet), and what kind of budget you’re working with.

Wheathill mixology step 3

Once we’ve got a feel for what you’re looking for, we’ll send you artist biographies and photos with sample set lists and MP3s to help you choose.

Wheathill mixology step 4

Our lovely artists will show up on time and exceed expectations.

The beauty of our approach means you get something different, something tailored to your particular needs. It’s also cost effective. The secret is knowing how to mix and match for each occasion.

Wheathill mixology

Stop a second, and start imagining. Your guests arrive to the gentle overtures of a classical violinist for a champagne reception. Later in the evening, the same violinist teams up with a band to for an electric funk set – the dance floor’s jumping, and your budget’s still looking healthy because the talent’s multi-talented!

Check out our music mixology talents in action

Call us for help cherry-picking the very best musical package for your event – 07736879906