Uniquely Wheathill

In the pursuit of dressing up and quirky fun times, we’ve created some special acts that are utterly, totally, Uniquely Wheathill. You may not have realised you needed horn-playing ladies dressed up as dancing bees or roaring ’20s inspired electro-swing swankiness, but once experienced, you’ll see the world is a duller place without them…

Jazz Penguins. Who can resist the charms of a Penguin?! Our fun loving feathered friends perform a sunny jazzy repertoire of toe tapping tunes. Duo, trio, quartet and quintet options available.


Epiphany. Let a Wheathillian Epiphany add a classy twist to your sophisticated reception, or when more energy’s on the menu, inspire a party vibe. Luxurious sounds seductively delivered to hit just the right spot.


The Bumble Bees. Honing and droning their super-slick, nectar-collecting choreography while performing ‘The Flight of the Bumble Bee‘, Wheathill’s five foxy, furry Queen Bees waggle-dance their way into the hearts of all who bee-hold…


High Hats Whipping the glamour of the roaring ’20s into a decadent mix of the finest and fattest dance beats, the High Hats combine dexterous live musicianship with deliciously sassy, electro-swing DJ grooves to unleash a party that will make the joint jump…

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Kookie Kicks. Stunning beats, gorgeous girls and boys, live lounge laziness ramping up to dance floor storming magnificence! DJ Minx joins live, world-renowned strings, horns and perhaps a vocalist – it’s a potent mix to intoxicate revellers.


Wheathill’s Angels. With their harps, trumpets, violins, flutes, flowing white gown and elegant wings, these hot, heavenly musicians make sweet celestial chill-out music that takes you to a higher place. A divine DJ spins seraphic sounds while empyrean improvisors elevate their audience.

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These talented types are just a selection of the lovely people we know, so why not get in touch to discuss your specific requirements? Email or call 07736879906